Tracy Crump Editing Services is available for basic copyediting, including editing for word usage, punctuation, clarity, tense, spelling, grammar, consistency, syntax, and other mechanical problems. If these match your needs, contact me for a FREE sample edit of the first five pages of your book.

Nonfiction is my area of expertise, including anthologies and devotionals. I work by email using Microsoft Word Track Changes. My editing philosophy is that the author has complete control over his or her work. I make suggestions, and it is up to the author whether to incorporate those suggestions or not. I give explanations for my suggestions the first few times to accustom the author to my reasoning. After that, I forgo explanations to increase editing speed. The author is free to ask questions about the reason for suggested changes at any time.

Referrals upon request.



Tracy worked as an editor for author Sharon Muse on her exciting new book, Kidnapped by a Client, which has earned a starred review by Publisher's Weekly. This indicates the reviewer considered the book to be one of  "outstanding quality." The release date is December 5, 2019.

Congratulations, Sharon!


Click here for a link to the book on Amazon.